In April of 2014 we purchased a 1957 Boles Aero, Mira Mar. She is 19’ long and all original. We named her Loretta after my wife’s sassy Great-aunt Loretta. Loretta is different than most travel trailers of this period in that the interior skin is a whitewashed birch rather than the usual darker stained interiors. With some TLC we are going to restore Loretta to the fully functional travel trailer that she once was, while preserving the essence of the 1950’s. Check out my surf blog: http://uppertrestles.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's Been A While

We just attended the 2017 Boles Aero Rally in Pismo Beach California. It was a blast. There were 13 vintage Boles Aeros, here is Loretta all set-up:

As you can see we converted the two twins to a King size bed - Mo bettah!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Water Lines

The water lines on this trailer were aluminum and so corroded that the lines fell apart in my hands. The tank was an old soldered sheet metal tank that God knows what was growing inside. So I ripped it all out and replaced the sheet metal water tank with a custom plastic tank. The water lines for both city and the on board water was replaced with new copper lines (1/2 to 3/8). I got the old hand water pump and the tank fill port stripped polished and re-chromed. The hand pump had channel lock marks all over the base and need a little TLC before it was re-chromed. The city water faucet was toast so I bought a new replica faucet.
Old Tank

New Tank Installed

City water connection  lower right

Water lines.   I know, the 3/8 line is about as straight as Lombard St. 



Shiny, and the bakelite handle tip is intact. 

I had a hard time getting the hand pump to work so I pulled the guts and installed a 12v pump. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We also recently had the exterior and the new propane tanks polished by Jesse owner of Pkazzo's Paint Restoration and Mobile Detailing.  Nice work Jesse!


Haven't posted in a while, but I'm just back from the Pismo Beach Vintage Trailer Rally and got some inspiration. We're almost done with the kitchen, I just need to complete the plumbing.

Recovered the dinette cushions with Sunbrella fabric. 

Original and still works!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


So after inspecting the 57 year old Pioneer heater and given the fact that we live in southern California we elected to replace the heater with a magazine rack.  We'll opt for a small space heater/fan; worst case we can always light a burner on the stove.  I'm thinking that by Christmas we should have everything done except the polishing. We'll get that done in Q1 '15. Next on the list is the backsplash and water system.

Poplar and bead board

Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Inner Door Trim

Looks like we're going turquoise. The old hardboard had a few soft spots from water damage. Replaced it and transferred the hole pattern to the new one.  Worked out really well.  Polished the door handle too.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Gas Lines and New Drain

Little by little.  Ripped out the 57 year old aluminum gas lines. It wasn't hard most of the lines were split or oxidized so bad that they fell apart. Replaced them with 1/2" black pipe and added a shutoff valve on the door side of the trailer in case we want to cook outside.  We decided to remove the Pioneer heater as it probably isn't safe to use; so we put it in storage just in case we change our minds later. We plan to fill the opening with a magazine / condiments rack. Also put in a new drain in the sink as the old one had rotted through.